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Photography Tours and Phtoshoots in Buenos Aires | PHOTO TOURS BUENOS AIRES
Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)
Below, find some common questions:



A Photography Tour is the name we use here for a "Practical photographic class and walk" around different places of the city. You will have a theoretical class with technical and creative knowledge about photography. Then, the class will extend to different locations, where you will be able to put into practice the knowledge you learned previously. 

So, the PHOTOGRAPHY TOURS are not ordinary touristic tours, and you won´ t learn history, cultural tips, or geography. You will learn practical photography and we will walk around the most beautiful places of Buenos Aires in order to practice and shoot wonderful photographs of the city, always focused on the photographic act exclusively. I will personally assist you during all the time the "PHOTOGRAPHY TOUR" takes place.


When should I book a TOUR? 

You must book the tours at least 48 hrs before the tour begins, if you want to have more possibilities of having space in a particular tour.


What level of photography knowledge and which photographic equipment do I need to participate in the Class/ tours? 


You don´t need any particular knowledge about photography. Just some level of practice (even in AUTO MODE) with your camera (a pocket camera or an expensive DSLR). If you are a PROFESSIONAL, you will find also find the Tours very useful too, as you will explore the most beautiful places of Buenos Aires, with the best available light (I take care especially of this). 

You don ´t need, either, an expensive DSLR (digital single lens camera) reflex. Bring just the camera you are used to. However, it would be better if you read the manual of your camera in order to know how to change between AUTO / MANUAL modes, or how to set the f (aperture) values or shutter speeds, and ISO numbers. (It is OK if you don t know! In such a case we´ll find the way)


What accessories will I need for the TWILIGHT SHOTS? 

For the twilight shots, besides a camera with MANUAL mode function (I d recommend a reflex for these tours, even though it ´s  not fundamental), it is necessary to have a tripod. That s because the exposures will be of more than a few seconds long. So, in case you don t have a tripod, I could provide one for US$ 20 extra fee (you will carry it during the tour, but it is a relatively light one).


What is included in the TOURS? 

The Tours include:

- An introductory class in a Cafe, about basics of camera functions, exposure, lighting, composition, etc.

You get a printed paper with main points of the class.

- A big cup of coffee with croissants (medias lunas). 

- If public transportation is needed from one point to another, I will pay the tickets (Bus, or subway).

- A personal assistance of a professional photographer (Bernardo Galmarini) during the whole tour, in order to help you to achieve the best photographs you are able to.


What is NOT included in the TOURS? 

Some of the Tours don´t include:

- If public transportation is needed from one point to another, I will pay the tickets (Bus, or subway), but you must pay the TAXI (proportional depending on group number) if the group prefer to travel in this way.

- Extra expenses like admission tickets to some places (Stadiums, boat rides, etc) 

- Extra expenses like coffee, drinks, food, etc.


What about transportation?

The PRIVATE TOUR (In Buenos Aires city) don´t include the transportation expenses to and from the meeting point (they are not expensive at all). However, If public transportation is needed from one point to another INSIDE the tour trajectory (Bus, or subway), these are inexpensive (Less than about US$ 0,5 each ticket).

There will be a meeting point usually in places where you can easily access using public (and very safe) transportation, or TAXI.   Once there we will be able to walk all along the tour in radios of no more than about 10 blocks (The walk itself will be part of the exploration!) 


Is it safe?

All the tours are designed especially taking care of this aspect. Fortunately, the most beautiful places in the city are the safest ones, as there is a high affluence of tourists and locals.  We will walk only in tourist circuits, and they are usually VERY safe. 


What about the language? 

I speak English and Spanish. So, who participate in the tours must speak one of these languages (or at least be able to understand one of them).  The Introductory class and papers will be in English and Spanish too (It may take more time to make the class in two languages, but it will be OK).


What about payment and cancellations? 

*Cancellations due to bad weather: If it rains just a little, it may be a good opportunity for a special atmosphere (reflections, etc) and great photographs (We can decide together if we want to go further with the tour the day before or so).  If it rains a lot during the tour day, we can change the tour day to another day (or to make a different tour, even more expensive, at the same price), or just cancel it.

In such case, you will receive the 100% of the Private Tour price (In the case you already paid it in advance).

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